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Este sitio fue establecido en Octubre de 1.995
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Welcome to the EcuaGuay Alumni Site, the former home for former missionaries of the Ecuador Guayaquil, Ecuador Guayaquil South, and Ecuador Guayaquil North Missions.

The site has been split and moved to two new sites on, but the pages here will be kept around as long as they are useful, or until they can be migrated to the new sites.

If you served in the Ecuador Guayaquil Mission or the Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission, click here.

If you served in the Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission, click here.

If you served in the Quito Mission, or served in Ecuador before the Ecuador-Guayaquil Mission was organized in 1978, click here.

Otherwise, this site is divided into two areas.  Click one of the buttons below to continue:

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