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For the week ending Aug. 7, 1999

Cover story

'All Ecuador is blessed'

Photo       On "A wondrous day," for the members in this nation, the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple — described by members, non-members and the press as "the most beautiful building in Ecuador" — was dedicated Aug. 1 by President Gordon B. Hinckley.
      The Church's 58th operating temple stands prominently on a hill in a quiet section of northern Guayaquil.
      More than 11,700 members attended the solemn and spiritual sessions, Aug. 1-2. Sprinkled liberally among the eight sessions were former missionaries and at least eight former mission presidents to Ecuador who returned for the dedication and who marveled at the growth of the Church in this land since their departure.
Photo       Following the dedication, the temple was opened Aug. 3 for ordinance work. The first ordinance sessions were held for members from Otavalo, Ecuador. The indigenous Otavalans are among the most faithful members in the country and are readily distinguishable by their dress.
      The brethren have their hair in a single braid and wear a dress hat, white shirt and dark cloak and dark pants. The sisters wear multiple gold necklaces and are dressed in a white, embroidered blouses and dark skirts. Often they have babies bundled in blankets on their backs.   -MORE-